This particular topic was not something I contemplated about until this past year or so. However, now it has become infiltrated into my daily schedule. What, when and with whom do I share my thoughts, experiences and ramblings with? What social media channel do I utilize to convey my passions or current emotion? And, on top of these, how do I decide what I share, if I share at all, and why? When seeing this written out, it is all pretty overwhelming to think that in my personal life I spend so much time considering what I want to share or contribute about my life. Here recently, particularly since I started my social work graduate internship with CARE, I have started having these same conversations but with a professionally driven focus. And it has quickly come to my attention how clear of a distinction is needed between using social media for personal or professional means. It is absolutely vital to instill guidelines in a professional setting, because oftentimes the line of what determines appropriateness varies from person to person.


I am on the Gender and Empowerment Unit at CARE and we have our own wikispace to inform and share gender related news, research, tools and bi-monthly newsletters. What I have been confronted with is the fact that the wikispace will always be limiting because it is an open, public space that requires content monitoring. So, just like with my personal social media websites where I have to streamline my information and how I am perceived, I have to do the same thing with professional sites. Ultimately, it is very time consuming to develop these separate mindsets. Econsultancy is a company that engages in digital marketing and they recently commented on findings from a study that highlighted the differences between professional and personal social networking. They coined this particular topic as ‘The Mindset Divide,’ which I thought was intriguing because it really translated well to how I view my personal interactions and the varying roles I have played in social media . I also thought it was neat that they chose such an appealing way to showcase this information. Check out ‘The Mindset Divide’ if you so please–


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