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this is a story within a story that makes a new story and then tells that story. In 2000, Mark Hogancamp was savagely beaten outside of a bar by five men. The severity of his injuries were extensive, almost taking his life. Amongst devastating brain injuries, he experienced physical injuries so terrible he was unrecognizable.

Hogancamp, unable to afford therapy, created his own therapeutic approach…creating a miniature town, called Marwencol, in his backyard. Using dolls to serve as the inhabitants, he made a new world for himself. One that he could control. He used this fictional town to understand, deal and heal from the immense amount of psychological and emotional trauma he experienced. It also served as a form of physical rehabilitation, allowing for his hand&eye coordination to strengthen.



“In this photo, an SS dispatch rider blows past the sentry post at Marwencol with an urgent message.”




“Deja puts her stockings on s-l-o-w-l-y, because she noticed Cpt. Hogancamp staring at her…”




“A B-17 turret gunner who bailed out of his burning plane over  Belgium and eventually found Marwencol. He’s having a drink in front of my bar, ‘Hogancamp’s Ruined Stocking Catfight Club’.”



"A Wehrmacht MG-34 gunner at his guard post, back when the Allies and Axis first shared the town of Marwencol."

“A Wehrmacht MG-34 gunner at his guard post, back when the Allies and Axis first shared the town of Marwencol.”

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On the theme of storytelling…Hogancamp used this town as a form of self-therapy. He developed complex stories, created deep relationships, and nurtured this alternative world into, not only a solace, but into a living, breathing reality. He began documenting the lives of his dolls through photography and through these behaviors…his memory began to return. As bits and pieces were remembered, they materialized in the people and in the story of Marwencol.

Proves the immense power of telling stories. Whether to yourself or to others.


   Storytelling is sharing. connecting. escaping. relating.

 It can be personal or relational.

 formulaic or spontaneous.

light-hearted or intensely deep.

   persuasive or informative.

The power of a compelling story cannot be quantified and its impact is immeasurable. People utilize stories for a vast array of reasons, with equally diverse intentions. Stories connect people, sell products, celebrate life, transform realities, and even, influence behaviors and values. It is the unseen power of good storytelling that compels. A good storyteller retains a technique, a way of securing a tie with its audience. This power can be used for good just as easily as for evil. It can stretch your imagination or control and restrain you to prescribed boundaries.

By truly engaging an audience, an automatic emotional connection is formed –people become participants in the story and they care…they truly care…for the characters, for their mishaps and missteps, for their achievements and their struggles.

Good storytelling makes contact by guiding and involving their audience through an experience. I truly feel that at the core of storytelling lies a passion and an ability to relate content –> truth –> feelings and, ultimately, makes you question and makes you act.


“Where radio is different than fiction is that even mediocre fiction needs purpose, a driving question.”

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Ira Glass hosts a weekly radio program (turned podcast, turned television show) called, ‘This American Life.’ There is a different theme every week– from current events to personal experiences. He is charismatic, compassionate and has a soothing, inviting voice. His personable demeanor shines through the airwaves and infiltrates the listener. After he introduces the weekly theme, it transitions to first person narratives where individuals share a story, which relates back to the theme.

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